Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Free Quilling Instructions for Beginners

My new website has launched and I'm excited to share with you where beginner quillers can receive a free quilling instructional video to learn the art of paper quilling.

Not sure what quilling is? Check it out! I think you'll be surprised at how neat this paper craft is; especially for scrapbooking and card making embellishments.

Have fun quilling!


Davon Jacobson, Md said...

My wife really loves scrapbooking and quilling. I try to help her sometimes, but she really loves to do it alone. I really see it as therapeutic and helpful for dealing with stress. Keep up the great work with your health and please stop by my blog sometime. The web address is

Java said...

Hello!! Following you back! Thanks so much for visiting me!!! Thanks also for the compliment about getting married when I was 5!!
You have a great blog/blogs...I wasn't sure which one to comment on! Looking forward to reading more about you!!
I'm excited to make a new friend!
Take care!