Friday, January 7, 2011

Video Tutorials for

Hey all! Wanted to share some helpful videos (under 5 minutes long each) for those promoting our bow making/tutu making products.

click here to watch video: How to use your affiliate center (how to get your links to share so you can get commission)
*** Do NOT promote with the NEXT CHAPTER LEARNING link in your affiliate center. It says as of January 2011 it is no longer working. we were having too many issues with that link not calculating correctly, but all the other links that go to SPECIFIC products are working! :)

click here to watch video: How to promote your giveaway on lots of other blogs (for free! and very easy!)

Some tips on where to promote your affiliate links to increase your income:
** All your affiliate links go to a page where they can sign-up to get a FREE lesson! That means that even if they don't purchase that day, we'll follow-up via email and when they do purchase, you still get paid!! COOL!

This also make it easier for YOU since all you need to do it talk about what they get for FREE when they go to your link!

Offer the free lesson in a variety of places (remember to direct them to your affiliate link!)

1 - Facebook status updates
2 - Make a Youtube Video about the product - mention your success with it, show off some things you've made, be creative! (use keywords that people will be looking for so they can find your video)
3 - Comment on Twitter with your link
4 - Write a blog post about it - include photos!
5 - Write an article and submit it online to article directories.
6 - Put an ad on the side of your blog
7 - Email your current customers about it

Don't like the way your link looks? Use and make it look nicer!

so you can turn this:
into this:
(and it will go to the same place still)

Have a question not answered here? Post a comment below and I'll create a video to answer it (if I can't answer it with a simple reply).

Thanks a bunch!!

Monday, May 31, 2010

Win a Britax Car Seat - Ends Today!

Check out details to win a Britax car seat at:

Also, check out all the car seats and strollers available at Britax HERE

Friday, May 21, 2010

Here's My Latest Craft Project: Learn How to Make a Tutu

Grab your free tutu making lesson so I can share with you the easy and fun way I've created to make beautiful tutu skirts and dresses: How to Make a Tutu with "Miss Tutu"

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Free Quilling Instructions for Beginners

My new website has launched and I'm excited to share with you where beginner quillers can receive a free quilling instructional video to learn the art of paper quilling.

Not sure what quilling is? Check it out! I think you'll be surprised at how neat this paper craft is; especially for scrapbooking and card making embellishments.

Have fun quilling!

Friday, December 4, 2009

New DVD on Paper Quilling Instructions, Patterns, and Designs to Launch Soon!

Interested in learning the art of paper quilling or just looking for some quilling patterns and designs? The awesome paper art is also called "paper filigree" and is a lot of fun to do once you learn how to make beautiful paper quilling designs and where to get paper for quilling.

I'm putting together a DVD course on paper quilling patterns and will be giving away a lesson on free paper quilling. If you want to learn how to do paper quilling, you will love this!

Please help me make sure I don't forget anything in this paper quilling instructions course by sharing with me your biggest question about paper quilling at

As a thank you for helping out, I'm going to give you a free ebook of 660 recipes perfect for the holidays!!

Thank you,