Thursday, July 31, 2008

Never pay retail!

I haven't blogged in awhile...but I had good intentions of course. You know that episode of friends, "the one with...'dear diary, i'm so excited, i'm going to write in you every day.' and the rest of Rachel's diary book after that is blank." Anyhow, here goes...

I'm a thrifty (some might say cheap) shopper. I always search for amazing deals before I buy anything...and thanks to my husband I've become pretty good at negotiating better deals (flea markets, craigslist, ebay purchases). One of my recent favorite sites is and for online shopping I also use Check them out...both fantastic ways to save! The first site even has links to printable coupons for online shopping! I never pay retail. And never pay asking price. There's always a discount to be found SOMEWHERE AND SOMEHOW. And there's always places to find things use it DAILY for amazing bargains on a lot of used things. I've even started a DVD selling business because of the great deals I can find on craigslist and then resell at a local flea market at the Raleigh Fairgrounds.