Friday, December 4, 2009

New DVD on Paper Quilling Instructions, Patterns, and Designs to Launch Soon!

Interested in learning the art of paper quilling or just looking for some quilling patterns and designs? The awesome paper art is also called "paper filigree" and is a lot of fun to do once you learn how to make beautiful paper quilling designs and where to get paper for quilling.

I'm putting together a DVD course on paper quilling patterns and will be giving away a lesson on free paper quilling. If you want to learn how to do paper quilling, you will love this!

Please help me make sure I don't forget anything in this paper quilling instructions course by sharing with me your biggest question about paper quilling at

As a thank you for helping out, I'm going to give you a free ebook of 660 recipes perfect for the holidays!!

Thank you,

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